Monday, January 9, 2012

Hi Friends

Sup internet of 2012, this is internet of 2008, how are things in the future? I assume unemployment has been fixed and we're all having sexing with hot alien babes. Don't let me down.

I got a message from internet 2002 -- apparently there's a new Tribes game...who else is playing the beta? (And wants to cyber with me on jetpacks in the sky)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Where is MY portal gun?

Also why do people like that damn M83 album so much?

I'm considering posting some pretty nerdy stuff "here" -- expect it to begin quite soon. (Overpromise and underdeliver is pretty much my guiding principle)

Also, I kind of want to do my usual, 'favorite tracks' thing but what else is there to say beyond I'm the information, cocaine powder.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

If You're So Rich, Why Aren't You Smart?

This is not about me losing my edge, or how I managed to find it.

I'll briefly apologize for the lack of updates -- new startup, lots of nerdotry to learn, etc etc.

I'm reasonably clueless. So clueless that I spent an hour last night trying to figure out how to download Portal2 to my recently won xbox. Having realized that it was still the year 2004 and such a thing couldn't possibly be possible, I gave up and decided to check out the sweet sweet ESPN xbox channel...which also didn't work beyond showing me highlights of "recent"sports news -- apparently, this guy named Sandusky @ Penn State was just awarded a High Achievement award.

Uplifted by said xbox experience, I decided to try to 1-1-1 some nerds...but failed due to white finger syndrome. (Sorry for tanking your acc shifty ^^)

So what's good? I know a lot of nerds were into that King Midas Sound album, but I dunno...

I'm DLing Bastion right now while c++'ing @ my home coffeeshop. It looks like it's for wizards.

Anyways, xoxo for now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Pretty 2000 And Late

So, I'm doing my AI homework, raging all the while at having to actually watch a few of the videos to do the problems, seriously, why should I have to do that, and I'm thinking to myself, yo self, why are you not pwning nubs?

And the truth is, and it's quite a horrible truth, one that I'm afraid to admit, whisper, even type it is that I'm not good.

It's not that I'm just bad at SC2 or that I'm bad at COD or that I'm bad at BB or even that I'm bad at all three -- it's not even that I'm bad at almost everything. It's that I'm not good at anything.

And as a pretty hardcore(3p) and well, egotistical-dramaqueen, gamer, this is a problem. I saw this story earlier from 3d|juan talking about he missed "being good" at CSS and I felt it resonated pretty well with my current state. I limped along for a long time casually playing games that I'd lost my competitive edge in, and after having felt what it's like to really be good, really good -- mastery, top 1% of the top 1% or better, much better -- this sort of "casual hardcore" existence is poison.

Percentages are sort of a naive, silly way to think about things, but by good in this context, I just mean the ability to compete with the players at the top -- perhaps not being the favorite, but at least having a relevant probability of victory.

Casual hardcore players care. They read up. They study. They practice. But they aren't good.

Thus I've decided to take up knitting.

Friday, November 18, 2011

This Still Doesn't Not Suck

Clicking like fifteen times to post a comment is clearly awesome.

Also, look at my BOLD serious post title. I hope it strikes awe and fear in you internet.

I'm still on my way back towards Earth. (I'll bring you all moon rocks don't worries)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sup internet qts. Like what I've done with the place? Me neither.